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Hello, my name is Allison.  I am a state licensed Veterinary Technician that has been in the field since 2003, when I received my Associate Degree in specialized veterinary science.  I was born and raised in the Greater Pittsburgh area, where I also have worked in emergency and routine animal hospitals.  I am a huge animal lover of all types, and have respect for all life.  I have had dogs, cats, horses, fish, birds and pocket pets throughout my life.  My husband and I currently have several dogs and cats of our own.  We also are involved in foster, rescue and adoption work to help our four-legged friends.  I truly believe that our pets, or four-legged "kids" deserve to be pampered and treated like one of the family!

I offer a more comprehensive alternative to doggie day care and boarding kennels.  I allow your pets to stay in their own home and surroundings while you are away.  I strive to keep them on their normal routine that keeps them comfortable and happy when you are not there to care for them.  I am not just a cage, and do not just let your pets 'in and out' or just check their dishes and clean-up after them.  I am very personal with each pet and spend fulfilling time with them.  I also aid in decreasing the chance of picking up contagious diseases and/or infections from crowded kennels.   

Being a Technician for 10 years has given me the skills to be able to give medications, injections, subcutaneous fluids, bathing, and many other beneficial services.  I also take away the stress of going to the groomers or vets' office for a nail trim, ear cleaning,  or anal gland expression.  This works out great for our geriatric pets and also our senior owners!  

My services have ranged from the mid-day visit for the working family, a monthly toenail trim for a geriatric pet who has trouble walking, to daily full services while away at the beach.  I also help out with our Senior and Disabled individuals in our Pittsburgh communities. 




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